Sharpening bandsaw blades with a dremel

05-13-2017 22:17 Matthias Wandel 02:19



A quick way to sharpen a bandsaw blade with a dremel tool. I only graze the top of each tooth, but that's all it takes to make the blade sharp again. I make no attempt at grinding the fronts or the gullets, or adjusting tooth set. This technique is good for about five sharpenings. After that the teeth get too short, and it's time for a new blade. Why not make a jig for this? You need a very soft touch, and you need to not touch it with the same spot on the wheel each time (you'd wear a groove in the wheel). This comes naturally by hand, but would be hard to do with a jig. I first made a video on sharpening bandsaw blades in 2010. I have gotten better at making videos, so now (March 2015), I made a new, shorter video.



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